Special Address: Rebooting
the Economy

Leadership Chat: Evolving Telcos: Can they become the new FANG?


Keynote Address

Fireside Chat: Creating the 5G Balance for Human, Machine & Data

5G Enterprise - The next frontier for Business

How enterprises and hyperscalers can benefit from 5G edge and network slicing ecosystem?

How to cope up with the new cloud-native era: Mobile cloud architectures and models

SD-WAN, SASE, and intelligent automation: Where is enterprise networking technology headed?

Digital Banking: The Way Forward

Supporting the Digital India dream: How ready is the telecom sector

How to build the OTT ecosystem: Can telcos do the tango?

Can Made in India disrupt the global Telecom market: Where we are, what is missing, and what needs to be done?

Building infrastructure for Digital India: How India should losen its purse string? What the country should do and avoid

Market impact of Wi-Fi 6E: services, telco’s & more

Lifetime Achievement Award

The innovation game: Policies and framework to foster talent and technology for a sustainable, inclusive, socio-economic growth?

Voice&Data Phoenix Award

TLF Special Jury Award

Telecom Person of the Year

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