Telecom Person of the Year

The 23rd Voice&Data Telecom Leadership Awards recognises and celebrates the efforts of the leaders and experts, their vision, and their initiative towards driving the sector, disrupting the market and taking to the forefront of the global arena.

Please send supporting documents, if any, to /


I/We (the person filing the nomination directly or on behalf of another person or project or company) confirm that the information provided in this nomination form is correct up to my/our best knowledge and any wrong information or information that has been willfully withheld or incomplete submission of this form or any other means of influencing the publication or the Jury may lead to rejection of the nomination.

I/We also understand that the nomination does not automatically qualify a person or company or project for the V&D Awards and that it will be finalised by the Awards Jury who will collectively decide, based on their wisdom and understanding, one suitable nomination under each of the three categories for recognition and felicitation.

I/We also agree not to take any legal recourse against Voice&Data, CyberMedia India Pvt Ltd, and the Jury members in case I/We (as an individual or a company or a group) do not get selected for the 23rd Voice&Data Telecom Leadership Awards, and accept the decision taken by the Jury.